In today’s fast moving world, People are very busy striving towards their carriers and have no time for appreciations & wishes during special events for special ones.This culture is not advisable as we have love & care for each other.Realising the dilemma faced by people on their daily life on this aspect we have invented a solution known as EVENT TEASER “The Touch Between Technology & Emotions”. With Event Teaser mobile users now will be able to appreciate & wish their special ones,families & friends personally via their mobile using text messaging in more convenient, faster, personally and effective way where ever they are.

EVENT TEASER SMS Greeting Service is an application which allows mobile user to send personal text greetings on any occasions such as birthday party, wedding event, anniversary event and others .This service will be available for absolutely FREE of CHARGE for the mobile users and the mobile users can send as many greeting as they wish.The greetings will be broadcasted LIVE on a GRAPHICAL animated attractive BIG SCREEN during the event while the Emcees will be announcing the wishes/greetings that is being shown on the big screen.With EVENT TEASER the mobile user will be able to sent their greetings/wishes to their loved ones from anywhere in MALAYSIA as long as they have a mobile phones with is registered to Malaysia Telecommunication Provider(Maxis,Digi,Celcom).Adding to all above the greetings will also be displayed online on www.acetouchtone.com during the event for those unable to attend the event will be able to view the greetings.With EVENT TEASER nobody worries about how to care for loved ones since we are able to ensure there are attended personally just by touch of fingers, that is why EVENT TEASER is known as The Touch Between Technology & Emotions.

The EVENT TEASER service will available with outstanding features where the clients in this event organizers will be able to manage & administrate the EVENT TEASER by themselves.Below is the feature available for administration purposes.

   1. Admin Panel
  • View Greetings
  • Uploading event details such as
  • Names
  • Dates
  • Image uploading module
  • Customized presentation uploading
  • Event Name Ex:Wedding,Dinner,Birthday,Lauching
  • Remove Unwanted Greetings
   2. Webpage
  • View Live Greetings
  • Event info
  • Images presentation

Download Event Teaser's Brochures here

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