TOUCHspace Server Co-location

TOUCHspace Server Co-location service offers clients the placement of their servers within a state-of-the-art ISP-level Internet Data Centre at an attractive price. This will allow clients to enjoy milliondollar data centre facilities and high performance leased line Internet connections without the need to build their own data centre. Server Co-location outsourcing model will allow clients to enjoy tremendous cost-saving on their IT investment while at the same time, maintaining a full control of their servers.

As demand for web services such as e-mails, web applications, mobile and on-line services increase, the need to place more servers in a proper environment increases too. Ace Touchtone offers a one-stop solution for your server co-location needs while at the same time, meeting your scalibility, affordability and network availability requirements.

Businesses will be able to outsource their server co-location to us, knowing that we have professional experience, expertise, technology and infrastructure to provide the best environment for their servers at the lowest possible cost.

ATT Managed Services
We have been specialising in Web Mobile Application hosting industry for over 4 years. Through these years of specialisation, we have gained and experienced in many ways to ensure the delivery of excellent quality and reliability to our clients. Our objective is to utilise Ace Touchtone (ATT) technical expertise and experience to assist clients in managing their servers. By subscribing to ATT Managed Services, you can be assures that your servers are well maintained, secure and constantly monitored.

ATT have categorised managed services accordingly so that clients can choose the plan that is suitable for their needs.

1. Managed Server Installation
This covers the service of various application installations based on the client's requirement. Prices start from only RM 300.00 one time per application.

2. Managed Server Administrator
We can help to manage your server's general day-to-day operation to ensure things run smoothly. Basic Server Administrator is available at only RM 300.00 per month for 2 hours.

3. Managed Server Security
By subscribing to this service, we will assist you in conducting regular security audits, patch-updates, bug-fixes and other related security areas to ensure your server is secure for its operation on the Internet. Basic Managed Security plan starts from only RM 300.00 per month for 2 hours.

4. Managed Server Monitoring Service (proposed)
By leveraging on our advanced ServerTracker technology, we can help to monitor the uptime of your server. In the event of downtime, alerts will be sent via e-mail and SMS to both your end as well as your technical team. Managed Monitoring Service starts from only Rm 150.00 per month.

5. Managed Database Administration
We can assist on managing your database to ensure it's performing optimally. Pricing starts from only RM 300.00 per month for 2 hours of service.

6. Managed Backup Service

Every Internet servers should have a proper backup mechanism in place. Leveraging on various backup products, we're able to provide a reliable backup solution for your server. In the event of crashes, your server will be restored within a short timeframe. Pricing starts from only RM200 per month for a complete daily backup solution.

7. Total Management Solution
To leverage fully on the skills and expertise of ATT, we provide a total solution for the above at one package price. Such bundled solution will ensure that your investment is at a reasonable bundled pricing. Speak to our sales consultants today to see how your business can benefit from our expertise.
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